color.h File Reference

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namespace  libthrowable


class  libthrowable::ColoredString
 Class for printing colored text to a terminal. More...


const unsigned libthrowable::c_white = 0
 White, sometimes grey without c_intensity.
const unsigned libthrowable::c_black = 1
const unsigned libthrowable::c_yellow = 2
 Yellow, sometimes orange or brown without c_intensity.
const unsigned libthrowable::c_red = 3
const unsigned libthrowable::c_magenta = 4
const unsigned libthrowable::c_blue = 5
const unsigned libthrowable::c_cyan = 6
const unsigned libthrowable::c_green = 7
const unsigned libthrowable::c_nochange = 8
 Passing this value will preserve the previous color settings.
const unsigned libthrowable::c_intensity = 128
 Not a real color, but can be ORed together with another color to add intensity and/or make the text appear bold.

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